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How to Get Website Support

For Current Clients

If you are not a current client, please contact us here to discuss our web support services.

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Send an email to support@fatlabwebsupport.com

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Create a Support Ticket

This form is for NEW ISSUES ONLY. If you already have a ticket open for your issue simply reply to the email you received with that ticket number. We will be alerted.

Schedule a Meeting

See our availability in real-time and schedule a call that works for you. A Zoom call and calendar invite will automatically be created.

Don’t worry if you are camera shy, we can just do voice – your call.

Project Management, Client Relations
& Planning

Book a call with Ritz to discuss new tasks and projects, and check on current projects and/or other support issues.

Technical Consult and Planning

Book a call with Shane to discuss the technical details of a project. As a developer, Shane can get as nerdy as needed to discuss custom applications, API’s and other development issues.

Consulting rates may apply depending on a support plan